Senior Digital Analytics Specialist for data driven marketing

If you are into massive amounts of data in a truly global SaaS environment, wanting to create a marketing model and platform for, then SimpleSite might be the right place for you!

In creating the next generation marketing stack, you will participate as one of the key players in all of the following:

- Building a Marketing Business Intelligence Platform from scratch
- Taking the Marketing Department to the next level in terms of digital analytics and performance

About SimpleSite

SimpleSite is a key player in a huge and still growing global market of DIY online website builders (SaaS).Each month between 200.000 and 400.000 global users come to SimpleSite to make a website.

Data is key in SimpleSite's product experience and marketing. Several million DKK is invested in marketing-efforts every month, and this is the engine for growth and development. The plan is to establish an advanced Marketing Business Intelligence Platform and you will be responsible for further development of the existing model,challenging beliefs with facts and also delivering marketing analytics and reports to the business

Each day, several thousand new websites are created with SimpleSite, resulting in millions of new data points per day from a diverse set of sources, ranging from 3rdparty Marketing platforms to data generated by our own product. Whatever the source, we know that managing, understanding and turning this data into intelligence, is a key part of ensuring our future growth.

SimpleSite is currently refocusing the product by securing small businesses not only a website, but also actual customers through the site and their online presence. This new ambition places great demand on current customer insights as well as the ability to evaluate and understand the consequences of the actions taken to counter the strategy.

Your role in the Marketing Team

As part of the marketing team you are overall responsible for developing, maintaining and expanding a completely new from scratch Marketing Business Intelligence Platform at SimpleSite in order to measure and report key performance indicators driving actionable insights and data driven decision making on the optimisation of the marketing efforts globally. You will be our technical marketing person capable of pushing Marketing and SimpleSite forward at fast pace. Your role covers all online marketing data intelligence and analytics responsibility.

SimpleSite's core business is driven by an accurate understanding of the relationship between Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) and Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). Great demands are placed on the day-to-day management of marketing activities and the measurement of its effectiveness.

Your role also includes:

- Designing a marketing data model.
- On top of the data-model: Analysing and creating a reporting architecture, reporting stack and actual reports showing ROI along relevant dimensions, appropriate for optimising marketing efforts.
- Obtaining spend and clicks from all marketing channels and other info from all relevant channels (through 3rd party integration tools like funnel.io).
- Obtaining all effect from marketing (sales and lifetime values) from our web-builder platform (through APIs).
- Drive and continuously further developing the models and tools used in Marketing for inclusion of new channels, attribution models, optimisation techniques and leveraging of 3rd party tools to increase ROI of the marketing effort.

With your solid expertise with marketing analyticsyou contribute to marketing and company by building an even stronger understanding of users. On the development of the platform you work closely with the new Data Engineer while holding leadership responsibility for 1 student worker.

The Marketing department consists of SEM, Social, Analytics, Graphic Design and CMO.

You will report to Chief Marketing Officer Santi Roc Castells

SimpleSite is looking for:

A Digital Analytics Specialist acting as senior lead in establishing the Marketing Business Intelligence platform and competence, capable of defining and challenging existing marketing models and marketing tech stack, choosing the right 3rdparty tools to create a robust platform in collaboration with your colleagues in marketing, with the Data Engineer in Product and Analytics team.You will represent marketing as the expert capable of collaborating with Product and Analytics and understanding their perspective.

The ideal candidate has a background from marketing performance tracking, is well experienced in setting-up Google Analytics or similar tracking in a marketing department or from a digital agency/consultancy. You may also have a background with measuring performance such customer paths and attribution and can challenge the current marketing models constructively.

Experience must be at a level where you have integrated traffic from other platforms into Google Analytics with the purpose of creating a complete dashboard overview.

We are looking for someone who is independent and self-driven as well as an involving team player as we place great emphasis on experience sharing,joint planning and prioritisation.Someone who can contribute to the marketing department with both marketing understanding and technical experience.

Added to this, the ideal candidate holds:

- 3+ years of experience in working with data collection, analysis, reporting and attribution.
- 3+ years of advanced experience in working with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.
- Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Excel.
- Have an interest and basic understanding of Online Marketing from a global perspective.
- Understanding marketing analytics models such as the design, development and architecture behind.
- Capable of creating a custom attribution model within a complex data platform.
- Fluent in English, both written and oral. Experience working with attribution models is preferred.
- Experience working with dashboarding tools such as Tableau and Google Data Studio is a plus.
- Knowledge of Google Analytics 360 Suite.
- Experience in implementing tracking pixels.
- Familiarity with ad-serving tools such as Google AdWords, DART, Facebook and Bing Ads.
- Experience in implementing tracking pixels.
- Ability to integrate data from a wide variety of databases, platforms and partners.

Growth Hacking and start-up environment

SimpleSite has been a front-runner in Growth Hacking in Denmark by experimenting and using different optimisation techniques within marketing and product development. A common desire to share knowledge and learn from the Copenhagen tech start-up environment inspired Morten Elk,CEO of SimpleSite,to create the community The Nordic Growth Hackers. For the past three years this community has organized quarterly meet-ups to share specific and actionable insights about growth from excellent start-ups in Copenhagen, such asUnity, Trustpilot, Momondo, Vivino, GoMore and Endomondo.

What can you expect from SimpleSite?

In the role, you will be a key player in defining the future platforms, processes and projects that allow us to utilize this intelligence in our marketing development, but also in core business processes that are at the heart of the company business model. You will get a chance to decide and use the latest tools and techniques as we build our future data platforms.

Founded in 2003, SimpleSite was one of the first tech-start-ups in Denmark to do actual growth hacking, and achieved global coverage at rapid speed. SimpleSitehas 90.000 customers worldwide, and so far around 20 million websites have been created with SimpleSite. SimpleSite operates in 200 countries with global customer service. Headquarters are located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Your work place is SimpleSite, Toldbodgade 31, 1253 Copenhagen K

Inspirational links

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How to apply

Please send your resume and application to Peoplement email anne@peoplement.dk, marking your application "Digital Analytics Specialist". We expect to enter an employment contract with a suitable candidate April 2018.

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